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About Us

Maheshwar Packaging has been into existence since last Three decades and is a professionally managed and environmentally conscious organization in packaging sector today in India Today we are the only packaging company in India having a strong presence in almost every segment.

Founder Desk

Ramesh Kushare is the Founder and CEO of Maheshwar Packaging, which he started in 1985. During the company's early years, Ramesh acted as the sole engineer, designer and support representative for the entire platform. & having 25 Years Of Experience In The Industry. In addition to running the company and setting overall product strategy, he remains actively involved in many departments of the company that he had previously run himself.

As the Chief Marketing Officer of Maheshwar Packaging (MBA) 14 Years, Dedication Now Company Had Crossed Consumption of Almost 300 MT Paper In Month.

Customer Value

It's light weight-saves air freight

Easy assembly-saves handling time

Flat pack - saves storage space (inbound)

Corrugated sleeve - low material cost

Dimensions - optimized for the mode of transport

Design Department

Whether you have a design that you want us to execute or a pallet full of parts to pack Our design team with over 30 years of experience can produce a solution that will meet your stated objectives

Our Capabilities

Your mission is our mission. We develop complete packaging solutions optimized to reduce total cost and environmental impact in your supply chain. With our global engineering and supply capabilities we serve you in every corner of the world.

Total Cost Approach

Our total cost approach ensures that packaging is optimized, reducing total cost in your supply chain.

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